Roof Cleaning, Repairs & Refurbishment in Gloucestershire

If you live near Gloucester or Cheltenham and think your roof could do with a good clean, we can certainly put you in touch with roof cleaning contractors who will do a professional clean of your roof. 

Our roof cleaning companies usually follow a staged process to completely transform the look of any dirty looking roof.

  1. The the roof tiles are normally pre-treated with an anti-fungicide. This will, over a period of days kill off any moss, algae or lichen that may be growing on the roof.
  2. Once the moss and algae has been killed off, the roof tiles are comprehensively cleaned with a specially adapted pressure washer. This will ensure the roof tiles are completely free from any dirt or pollutants prior to any roof coating or roof sealing.
  3. To ensure the roof looks as good as possible, remedial repairs to cracked or broken roof tiles are carried out at this stage.
  4. Your roof would usually be protected in the long term by applying a coloured elastomeric roof coating or a clear roof sealer from Smartseal. 

• The sealers create a non-permeable barrier resistant to fungi and moss growing on the roof tiles.

• The clear sealers will enhance any natural colouring of the roof tiles.

• The roof coatings provide a protective barrier against UV light penetration.

• The roof coatings allow tiles to 'flex' in hot or cold conditions preventing cracks appearing.

• Both the roof sealers and roof coatings can add a lot of value to your home.

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• Replace any deteriorating mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles.

• Re-pointing of lead flashing.

• Ridges and crests re-bedded.

• Damaged roof tiles replaced.

• Check the overall condition of any chimney stack.

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1. 'Rejuvenates' older looking roof tiles.

2. Inhibits the spread of moss, lichen and algae.

3. Possibly add market value to a property.

4. Makes roof tiles water resistant, to stop water ingress.

5. Enables roof tiles to breathe preventing damp areas developing.

6. Stops roof tiles becoming brittle, which help to stop them cracking.

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If you live near Cheltenham or Gloucester and are looking for a FREE roof cleaning quotation please call 0800 849 9498 or if you prefer to send your request in writing, please enquire online. Our professional roof cleaners cover most other towns in Gloucestershire such as Tetbury, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Chipping Sodbury, Blakeney, Lydney and Stow on the Wold.
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